Harlow looking sensually at a plate of pasta w/mussels probably.

Harlow looking sensually at a plate of pasta w/mussels probably.

Eric Harlow

Having spent years working in the service industry, from bars and restaurants to local beer wholesalers and some of the largest breweries in the country, Des Moines-based photographer Eric Harlow (more commonly known as “Harlow”) knows firsthand that no two businesses have the same story to tell and that every business has their own unique voice and vision. With this knowledge, he works collaboratively with clients to capture those important nuances, effectively telling your one of a kind story and conveying your vision through his photography.

When Harlow is not behind the lens, he enjoys eating too much pasta, seafood, and bread pudding (usually not all at the same time), watching Arsenal F.C. and the Utah Jazz, reading the latest Good Beer Hunting article, listening to Run the Jewels, longboarding, and searching for his next flat bill hat in an attempt to hide the fact that he has more hair on his arms than his head.

pricing & Contact

Rates start at:

Half-Day: $300 ($75/hr)

Full-Day: $600 ($75/hr)

Two-Day: $1,040 ($65/hr)

Three+ Day: $1,440 ($60/hr)

Half-Day=4 hours. Full-Day=8 hours. Rates are prorated by the hour between Half and Full days i.e. One 5 hour shoot = $375 or one 1.5 day shoot = $780. These rates are meant to be a guideline and may vary depending on the scope of the project.

Interested in purchasing prints? Visit here . If you don’t see the print size/paper you’d like, please feel free to email Eric at eric@harlowphoto.com and he’d love to help you out.

If you’re interested in working with Harlow on your next project, have any questions, or just want to see if he’s free for a beer or some pasta, he’d love to hear from you: eric@harlowphoto.com